Robert Greene once said that your success depends so much on your reputation, so you have to guard it with your life. If you think that reputation management is a waste of time or money, think again.

Here’s a list of reasons why people invest in online reputation management and why you should, too:

More and more people rely on reviews.

Let’s say that a friend suggested a restaurant. What would you do? If you’re like most people, you’d open Google, search for the restaurant, and read the reviews. The truth is that almost ninety percent of consumers purchase a product because of positive reviews and word of mouth.

A lot of people base their purchasing decisions on reviews. One good review can give you 30 customers, and more than half of them would be from the same Case Management Software you’ve been using as a repository. One bad review can cost you around the same number of customers.

A great online reputation management team makes sure that good reviews are highlighted and bad reviews are hidden from the public eye. Investing in online reputation management (ORM) can help you minimize bad reviews and control how people perceive your company, products, and services.

It helps you touch base with your customers.

Ignoring a customer’s Facebook message is more damaging than you think. This will make your customers feel unimportant.

Online reputation management systems allow you to reply to customer’s messages and comments more frequently. It also helps you respond to customers’ complaints quickly.

Let’s look at Gail’s story to illustrate this point. Gail owns a restaurant. She serves great food, but she is understaffed. Good thing, she invested in ORM.

One night, Gail’s restaurant was too crowded that it took her chef a while to cook all the orders. One customer posted a status on Facebook saying how disappointed she was with the restaurant’s service. With the help of an ORM system, Gail spotted the post right away. She apologized for the inconvenience, asked for understanding, and thanked the customer for the feedback. The customer accepted her apology and eventually went back to the restaurant.

Online reputation management increases customer retention.

ORM increases sales and revenues.

Strong online presence translates to bigger revenues. You’ll have more customers if your website or social media page is easy to find online. If you were to work with you know what you’ll get and would have to look no further than these guys.

Let’s say that you own a flower shop in downtown Manhattan. To get more customers, you have to make sure that your website or social media page shows up when a potential customer types “best flower shop Manhattan” or “affordable flowers Manhattan”. Online reputation management teams also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services. So, investing in ORM increases your online visibility, which leads to more revenues and profits.

It attracts great talents.

You only want the best, right? But, here’s the thing – extremely talented people choose to work for reputable and trustworthy companies.
Hiring an online reputation management company helps you attract the best talents. No one wants to work for a company with a one star rating.

It brings you more opportunities.

You must partner up with other organizations or entrepreneurs to expand your business. Having a squeaky clean reputation makes it easier for you to partner up with other entrepreneurs and penetrate new markets. Who knows? Your good reputation may land you new opportunities outside Brazil.

It helps you establish yourself as a thought leader.

In this day and age, people won’t trust you if they can’t find you in Google. Increasing your search engine rankings increases your reputation, and helps you establish yourself as a thought leader. It keeps you one step ahead of your competitors and strengthens your brand.

It takes years to build a solid reputation, but it only takes a few seconds to break it. Online reputation management helps you showcase your company in the best light. It helps protect the reputation that you have built for months (if not years).

Investing in online reputation management and SEO services promotes positive word of mouth. It helps strengthen your brand and most of all, it increases your profits. Let Reputation Brazil help you.