Online social media established itself as a power to contend with in the 1990s.

People would go online and say thigs that would make or break the reputation of a celebrity or of a company. People would make defamatory comments and make life difficult for a person or organization. Some even did this while hiding under the cloak of anonymity.

This was when people realized the importance of ORM or online reputation management.

A lot of people think of ORM as some sort of magic spell you cast so that all the undesirable information about you on the Internet simply disappears.

ORM can, indeed, remove libelous anonymous comments that damage your reputation. However, it does more than this – way more than just this.
The business world today is highly competitive.

Experts say that the way people perceive your brand affects your bottom line. Your online reputation has a strong and direct impact on how much money you make.

The focus has shifted from conventional advertising to building a strong and credible reputation online. This holds true for politicians, celebrity product endorsers, businessmen, actors and actresses, and businesses, among many others.

Almost everything happens online nowadays. A lot depends on your credibility and digital reputation.

The market spills over with a variety of products and services. When a prospective client requires a service or a product, he goes online to see what people have to say.

He uses Google to find people to go on dates with. He goes online to find out if a particular movie is good or not. He goes online to find star ratings for restaurants.

He reads about what people have to say about a certain politician — and is usually influenced by what he reads when election time comes.

If you have a bad reputation online, a person is not likely to turn to you for answers.

Online reviews play a significant role in influencing decisions. Consumers make decisions based on what they find in social media.

According to experts, if you want to increase your brand awareness and enjoy brisk business, you need to have somebody take care of your online reputation. You have to hire somebody to do ORM for you.

Few individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively monitor and influence their digital credibility and reputation. If you want to increase the opportunities for your brand or business, you have to hire specialists in reputation management.

A specialist can recommend ways to make it easy for people to find you online.

He can suggest techniques you can use to bring attention to your primary website. He can tell you how to manage and optimize your pages. He can tell you what to do to strengthen your social media presence so that people take note of your brand.

A specialist can tell you what to do to protect your reputation.

You need to be proactive and alert. You need to avoid situations which may damage your online reputation.

A specialist in online reputation management can help you handle bad consumer reviews and other potentially harmful social media conversations.

When there are negative comments regarding your business, he can help you respond promptly before the comments can cause damage to your reputation. A specialist can help you strategize the appropriate response to resolve the situation.

A specialist can help you project an image that highlights your positive characteristics.

A good online reputation is built on the good things that can be found about you online.

A specialist will help you make and maintain a great impression on your prospects. He will help you build a positive brand image – an image that highlights your strengths and focuses on essential customer touch points.

When you have Reputation Brazil on your side, you face very little risk of disconcerting your audience. You enjoy greater opportunities for selling your brand.