Believe it or not, it’s a common story. A father, in the hopes of further providing his son or his daughter a chance at a better professional life, hires an online reputation company. But what does he hire them for? How does an online reputation management company help this child?
A student who’s had their fair share of partying, risqué photos, embarrassing posts and even narrow-minded tweets would have left a long trail of negative digital footprints for all the world to see. Unfortunately, this digital image is one that could easily be seen by school administrators, loan creditors, and even future employers. This student needs an online reputation makeover.

An ORM (online reputation management) company knows the advantages of keeping one’s social media and digital footprint as perfect as it can possibly be. A father who wants only the best for his child wouldn’t mind paying for the services offered by ORM companies. It will be difficult to do so without the son’s knowledge, but there are some ways ORM can help a client without their active involvement.
SERP or search engine page result is just that: pages after pages of things that Google has on whatever search query is provided by a user. If his son has not been using social media responsibly lately, his Google SERP could be home to pages after pages of photos, posts and whatever content that could harm his current studies and his future career.

What ORM companies can do is at least try to improve his digital image.

It’s the digital equivalent of putting in a good word for someone. They come up with some good content and throws them into the mix.

If he’s won an award, or if he’s done some charity work, or if he’s been active in church, an ORM company would make sure that all these are ranked higher in a search result than any of his questionable actions and affiliations.
On the other hand, if the company finds illegal content against his son, they’d take legal actions to take the content down. But, if the son is unaware or disapproves of his father’s decision to hire an ORM company, there’s only so much that the company can really do.

Online reputation managers will never try to delete someone’s digital footprint if the end goal is employment. Employers pay more attention to those who have a positive professional digital image, but they are wary of those who do not have a digital image at all. In this day and age, this could only mean that they’ve made an effort to completely erase their digital footprints.

Many employers have learned to utilize search engines to track their applicants’ activities.

They use social media to run quick background checks. Employers have learned to value applicants who have made an effort to have a professional online image. As a parent, all of these just make hiring an ORM for your child an easy decision to make.

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They help a client create a personal brand to market to employers and customers alike. They also help get rid of illegal and harmful content, especially in the case of people who have been victims of cyber-bullying, fake news and false profiles.

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