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The game that got Silicon Valley addicted

Silicon Valley game

The game that got Silicon Valley addicted

Universities and big companies from the Vale have teamed up to create this totally addictive game.

A new game created by the biggest technology companies and universities is sweeping Silicon Valley and promises to leave all smart people totally addicted.

Silicon Valley game

Silicon Valley game

Purpose of the Game

The goal of the game is simple: your player must be able to face the risks and challenges to the maximum. You should be able to finish the game knowing that you have contributed something to the other players.


Rule number 1 of the game: Health

You should take care of your player’s health. Your player needs to eat well, exercise, and be motivated and excited for life.

Rule number 2 of the game: Family

Now that your player’s health is in good condition, the next step is to make your family happy. You need to educate, develop talents, encourage and make surprises for your family to develop

Rule number 3 of the game: Material goods

The only material good that the game allows to collect is called “ice cream”. Ice cream is the only material good that exists in the game and serves to relate to friends, clients and their family, in addition to relax.

Rule number 4 of the game: Help the next

Your next player’s mission is to help others. The greater the scalability of your aid, and the lower the price charged to the final consumer, the better.

But do not be afraid to charge for your help, after all your player needs to pay expenses, grow, and increase the scope of his work.

The more scalable your help, the more important the game’s unique currency, the “ice cream”, will be.

Rule number 5 of the game: Positive mentality

When faced with the challenges of the game, the player needs to have their ultimate goal clear and needs to stay positive and motivated in order to pick up the best clues to complete the tasks.

Final rule of the game:

Fail a lot. In this game, you earn points every time you fail. The more you miss the more points you earn. The more you miss, the more encouragement and more players want to join you. The goal is to miss 10 thousand times to find a way to get it right.

How to download this game?

I think some readers have already realized that the article is not about a computer game, but about our life. The rules are a collection of teachings that I have experienced and learned by living in Silicon Valley for a year.

Within one of the richest states in the US, where there is total freedom and incentive to undertake and innovate, what is important in life has become clearer.

In the city of super billionaires entrepreneurs, people seemed to be super simple, polite, quieter and quieter. The region of the basic shirt uniform, car sharing with Uber, great ideas, risk investors, innovation is today the new Florence, is the new cradle of Innovation.

Cases like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Google, which help people on a large scale, are the greatest examples. But in the Valley, there are also thousands of other companies that achieved success discreetly, that were bought, that were acquired, that were united to create something bigger.

And when everyone wants to start, when innovation is the most important, the only material good that really matters is ice cream. Even more so if your business has already been valued at a few million dollars.

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