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Online Reputation Services: Politicians’ Shield Against Dirty Attacks From the Media

Online Reputation Services - Politicians’ Shield Against Dirty Attacks From the Media

Online Reputation Services: Politicians’ Shield Against Dirty Attacks From the Media

Whenever the election year comes near, it becomes a common sight for competing political parties to attack each others’ reputations. These attacks are part of what they call “smear campaigns”, which use dirty tactics to defame political rivals.

In the old days, smear campaigns had to be done down the streets. Now, smear campaigns are done conveniently behind desks, powered by the internet. And because the American media is all over the internet, spreading dirt about someone becomes an easy job.

To defend and combat against dirt thrown by rival parties in the media, politicians now rely on online reputation services. With these services, politicians can keep their online reputations clean without getting dirty in smear campaigns.

How Politicians Benefit from Online Reputation Services

Online reputation services involve three operations: reputation management, SEO and positive digital imaging. These operations work together to ensure that Google search results are positive and to keep social profiles clean.

Here’s how it works:

Remove negative content by facilitating legal actions against the slanderers or defamers.

Reputation managers personally contact websites that post negative content to clear false stories. False content such as fake news are illegal posts that are punishable by law. They also go into court when necessary. If the offenders don’t comply or if the negative content has caused moral and social damages, legal actions are taken.

Keep the customer’s Google search results positive by sweeping the negative results to the back.

With use of positive SEO methods, reputation managers work on improving the page ranking of the positive links. This is the most effective way to send negative links to the back (usually to page 3 onwards). This can be done several ways:

  • By improving the on-page SEO of the customer’s main website and affiliate websites.
  • By fixing problematic links to minimize bounce rates of the links that lead to positive content.
  • By taking help from reputed link-building sources like to enhance the SEO of the customer’s website.
  • By increasing the click rate of the positive links by using tools that simulate Google searches in different areas or regions.
  • By increasing back-links from major trusted websites and other clean, reputable websites.
  • By creating complimentary websites to support the main website and working on their page ranking.

Widen the customer’s network by creating websites that compliment their online presence.

Aside from maintaining a website dedicated for their political merits, complimentary websites can help strengthen their identity. Examples are blogs that focus on different aspects of their personal life like hobbies and talents (writing or painting), sports, lifestyle, etc.

For example, if the customer is also an accomplished writer, they can build a separate website or blog dedicated to writing. The link to the complimentary site can be endorsed on the main site and vice versa.

Another way to widen the customers’ reach is by creating profiles in different social media platforms. The most popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By creating profiles in each of these platforms, the customer’s chance of getting more followers is increased. Management options for GMB listings help to drive customers to your business, thus increasing your rankings.

Keep the customer’s personal postings clean by filtering content.

The most abused content over the internet are personal photos and videos. Reputation managers check if the customer has old photos that seem negative or inappropriate for the image they want to build. Negative photos and videos are immediately removed because these files can be used against them by their competitors.

For example, if the customer used to post sexy photos of their lovers, these photos can be used for creating scandalous stories about them. As precaution, such photos are removed and deleted from the customer’s social networking accounts.

Future postings will also be filtered before publishing to avoid negative interpretations by the media.

Boost the customer’s online reputation by spreading positive word about their merits and achievements.

Another way to popularize the customer’s identity is to leave positive comments about them in different websites. Also, if there are negative comments found, positive replies are posted back to defend the customer’s name. Positive comments don’t have to be limited to their political background. Positive comments on positive attributes work better because they focus on the obvious.

Amidst the chaos of online smear campaigns, maintaining a clean online identity can still be possible. With help from the right online reputation services like reputationbrazil, politicians can defend their identity without engaging in dirty politics. They also strengthen their reputation by playing it clean and focusing on doing what’s right.