This is an online reputation book you need to read, and I’ll tell you why.

Online Reputation Book – the secrets

We do business with those we trust. To gain trust, you need to be explicit about our passion that creates a better world and help people. Your genuine passion that you offer to the world makes a product or service great! And people will follow, like you, defend you and do business with you.

When people are evaluating you, they look for 6 persuasions rules:

Reciprocity, Commitment and consistency, Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity and Liking to guide them.

If you gather 5 to 10 friends to look and point at a dot in the sky, you will soon been surrounded by people looking at the sky too.

Tourism in Venice has been high just because we keep seeing news it’s going down under water.

We are willing to obey a men in a uniform even though his uniform might be just a costume for a party.

Websites offer free ebook and street sellers offer roses so you can feel like they helped you and know they deserve something back.

If you agree with those those paragraphs above, you will probably like the rest of this book.

This book is about creating, maintaining, managing reputation day to day and also reputation crisis.

We are internet marketing professionals with over 10 years of experience and we have managed online reputations of dozens of politicians, celebrities and business men. We wrote this book to help you gather tools and techniques to help you navigate the reputation of your company and clients on the internet. We will be uncovering secrets that most people never knew it existed.

It intends to give you everything you need to know regarding online reputation management. Learn its importance, benefits, advantages, and other significant things.

This book will take you behind the scenes and will let you take a glimpse at the fascinating world of online reputation management. Discover how to turn a negative image or reputation.

This book will help you:

  • Understand what online reputation management is and some of its common misconceptions.
  • Explain the similarities and slight differences between offline and online reputation management.
  • See the benefits and importance of online reputation management.
  • Understand ORM and SEO differences and similarities.
  • Absorb the lessons from real cases of failed ORM.
  • Learn the techniques in creating good online reputation.
  • Determine the reputation management mistakes that you need to avoid.
  • Eliminate the negative search results.
  • Get to know the ‘dark world’ of Online reputation and some tools.
  • Protect your online reputation against cyber criminals.

This book will guide on the latest techniques you never knew it existed. Campaign managers, celebrity managers, and marketing professionals will surely benefit from the guidance, tips, and vast information contained in every chapter of this book. If you want to build or maintain a good online reputation, you’ll need this book to guide you.

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