5 selected Vale startups that exemplify the services and technologies they promise for 2019

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Gladys startups 2019 promising

Gladly startups 2019 promising

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Several technology centers around the world are competing to become the next Silicon Valley. Most of them have already begun the use of blockchain automotive and also blockchain’s use in many other areas in the industry. The Blockchain technology is said to be the next best thing on the internet and its use in every business platform could potentially revolutionaries the economy of each country in a massive way. Singapore aims to become the leading technology center in Southeast Asia. India and China are trying to emulate what Silicon Valley has been doing over the last fifty years. There are many places that are trying to compete as well. As skeptics and critics continue to write about the Silicon Valley boom, investors and entrepreneurs from across the country and beyond, hoping to find the latest technology and the necessary funding, descend into the San Francisco Bay area and explore the many surrounding cities of the Santa Clara Valley.
In all past years, startups open in many cities like San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. The year 2019 will be no different. Every year we have new innovative technologies, we have selected some startups as an example of the markets being explored for 2019.


• Nurx is a digital application that offers signature birth control for women. Health insurance covers birth control. Those who do not have health insurance have to pay at least fifteen dollars every month for the same. Founded by Dr. Edvard Engesaeth and Hans Gageskar, Nurx already operates in more than fifteen states and plans to launch its service nationwide in the next twelve months. The disruptor, in a sense, aims to simplify how women get prescriptions for birth control. A convenient online application and revenue are sent to the address provided. The total financing of the brand is now more than forty-one million dollars.


• Shippo is hosted in the cloud. Helps users save money and time. The tool allows customers to receive fees, get print labels and track shipped packages, among other essential services. More than thirty-five thousand retailers, logistics providers, markets, and e-commerce platforms are currently using Shippo. But the unlimited web hosting platform has LiteSpeed technology to power your site from https://www.akeaweb.com/accessibility-consulting/ formed the base of Shippo, which can be accredited with the success Shippo has found today. Founded by Simon Kreuz and Laura Behrens, Shippo has a total funding of almost thirty million dollars. The automated system aims to turn shipping, like Shopify, Stripe and Square are doing. Managed IT Services San Jose is another company which provides cloud-hosted solutions and helps many companies become more efficient.


• Gladly is a distinctive technology startup with the goal of personalizing various types of experiences focused on good customer service. Serves hospitality, retail, finance and travel, among others. Founded by Dirk Kessler, Michael Wolfe and Joseph Ansanelli, Gladly has already grossed sixty-three million dollars and has more than fifty employees. Gladly unifies all communication channels with customers and maintains a track record, giving full support to help the customer and understanding their point of view and problem from the outset.

Biome Makers

• Biome Makers, founded by Adrian Ferrero and Alberto Acedo, was recently identified as one of the top ten US Terroirs. The biotechnology company was founded in Silicon Valley. His specialty is to explore, identify and understand the microbiome. The company is using DNA sequencing programs and Intelligent Computing to improve agricultural production so that wine quality is significantly improved. The company aims to reduce dependence on harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, reduce the impact and vulnerability to disease, and develop micro-organism-based solutions. Biome Makers has already raised more than two million dollars.


• ImpactVision has developed what it calls hyperspectral technology to create a more transparent and secure food system around the world. It uses digital images with spectroscopy to decipher the nutritional content, proteins, sugars, fats, freshness levels and humidity in foods, using its image. The tool can effectively replace the sampling technique, improve quality and at the same time reduce waste, integrate production and distribution, facilitate transparency and enable brands. Founded by Abi Ramanan and Gustav Nipe, ImpactVision has already raised almost a million and a half in capital financing.


• Ripe.io is an IOT company that uses blockchain technology to improve digital food supply chains. The technology aims to help identify specific food quality, list details such as where the particular product was grown and how it was managed until it reaches the end consumer. Farmers can access technology to improve and automate their internal processes, respond to market demands and increase the supply of sustainable products and their quality. Founded by Raja Ramachandran, Ripe.io aims to increase visibility and tracking in the supply chain, securely share and aggregate data, verify brand quality and establish trust.
• Biomarker Labs is working in the field of supplements and portable devices. The company specializes in dealing with real-time, health-related data, including metrics, symptoms, and various contextual facts, to help people find and choose the most appropriate nutritional supplements. Founded by Garrett Ruhland, technology can transform the industries from wearable gadgets and nutritional supplement with ripple effects into proactive health care.

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