28-05-2018 by Fernando Azevedo

How to prevent attacks

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New Fake News tactic linked with Cyberbullying

New Fake News tactic linked with Cyberbullying

Despite being a year of election and being part of the title of this article, and also the fact that everyone talks about Fake News, I would like to remind you that the problem of cyberbullying and cyberstalking has not yet been resolved in Brazil. It is always worth remembering that the creation of accounts anonymously with the aim of harassing, defaming and disturbing individuals is a crime. And what we should report to social networks and digital police stations.

That being said, we can continue with our matter. Today’s subject is the new way in which unscrupulous newspapers release Fake News. And I already have the first one, whose name unfortunately I can not reveal yet, that is being processed by a client of our company.

Newspapers like these are spreading negative news about individuals and legal entities, cutting out parts of proceedings, part of recordings, and interview parts aimed at harming people, celebrities, politicians and companies.

So far there is nothing new, because Fake News already did it. The problem is that the newspaper already has the errata of matter ready. And they publish the errata soon after but without giving any prominence to the errata. It is a way for the newspaper to protect itself while highlighting and disclosing the negative material.

How to fight this new kind of Fake News?

The first step is to record photos from all the screens. Our suggestion is to ask friends who, along with you, report the news on social networks and still comment by writing “#fakenews Fake News” along with the errata link. I always warn to avoid interacting with the matter, however in cases of, I think I’ll make an exception. Comment on the text above, but avoid tasting and sharing.

Then I suggest that the person or company use their own personal accounts to report the errata, advise that the error was made and include the link to errata.
The next step is to file moral damages as to the medium of reporter and reporter requesting the withdrawal of the report or that the errata appear next.
It’s not just because it’s election year and it’s not just Fake News, I really do ask everyone to help us report anonymous news on the internet whether it’s Fake News, Cyberbullying or CyberStalking.

All social networks have tools to report such abuses. If you do not know how to do it, just search your favorite search engine like Google for example. The more we report the faster the social networks can withdraw the post or account.

Help us keep the internet safe. Unfortunately hackers can remain anonymous on the internet, social networks can not handle the volume of posts, and the police and justice are still unable to help us at the speed we need.