02-08-2018 by Fernando Azevedo

The Art of Being Famous for Being Famous

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Kardashians + Marketing = Kardasheting

Kardashians + Marketing = Kardasheting


If you did graduate or graduate in Marketing, rip your diploma! No course has been able to explain how one gets famous for being famous.

Nowadays, there is no one who has not heard of the Kardashians. Although Kardashian-Jenner women are not exactly the best models, these women have definitely become successful stars and entrepreneurs by themselves – in the land of entrepreneurship: USA. Even Kylie Jenner (who is only 20 years old) made a US $ 900 million fortune in only three short years.

So how did the Kardashians become so ridiculously rich and famous and how did they keep their status for so long? Here are 10 marketing strategies that have made Kardashians names known today:

1. Surf the waves at the right time

As the Kardashians took advantage of the reality show tune to become famous, they still managed to leverage themselves to migrate to success on social networks again, just in time.

Follow the money

In the country with one of the largest consumer markets in the world, financial facilities, mature politics, open economy and entrepreneurship, squandering its rich lifestyle is also a very lucrative business.

3. There is no negative publicity.

Before Kim Kardashian became the business tycoon she is today, she came to fame (or infamy) with a public relations accident in the form of a sexual scandal with her ex-boyfriend. Being the Kardashian she is, she has managed to turn this scandalous incident in her favor, starting her own reality show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Nowadays, they receive millions daily just to live their lives in front of a camera.

4. Visibility is a Must

Say what you want, but one of the reasons the Kardashians have managed to stay on top of popularity, because they always make sure they are seen by the public. If you were to read this article from Simply Gram, you’d know how easy it is to just buy likes and shares, and stay visible. And since there is no denying that the Kardashians are extremely adept at monopolizing – and staying in – spotlight, they are great influencers and brand ambassadors to popular stylists like Balmain and Adidas. Just a photo of them using or using a product could produce millions of dollars in sales.

5. Let the paparazzi take the wheel

Before Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi, everyone was waiting for her to confirm her pregnancy. Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret – a total of 180 days that only made the public and the paparazzi wilder.

6. Create drama

Bruce Jenner was someone who was not considered important in social media until he made the transition to Caitlyn. Since then, everyone has paid to see what’s going on in their life by buying books and magazines. In the episodes of the show, we also always see friction and problems to be solved.

7. Do not be afraid to expand

If these people receive millions simply by living their lives in front of a camera, how much more would they do if they sold their own merchandise? This is exactly what Kim and Kylie must have thought about before entering the business – in addition to starring in their own reality show, the Kardashian sisters also built their own health, fashion and beauty empire. They have one of the biggest followers of social media on the Internet, and they have used it to their advantage. The more they post about their products, the more they raise millions.

9. Family

Kardashians may not be so relatable when it comes to their rich and famous lifestyle, but viewers are still able to identify with them because they are a family. And like any other family, they always make sure to protect others regardless of the situation, even after much drama. This brings them to the public and attracts even more viewers to the show.

10. Love your fans

An important factor as to why they are so loved by many is that they are friendly and generate value to their fans. Kardashians never shy away from interacting with their fans while promoting their growing brand.
While Kardashians make it look like they’re famous just for being famous, do not be fooled by those pretty faces. In the voracious market of the country of entrepreneurship, the Kardashian team counts on eagles of marketing and management of marks. Who know we will be all studying Kardasheting later.


Kardashians + Marketing = Kardasheting

Kardashians + Marketing = Kardasheting