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The Best US Applications for Automatic Investment in 2018

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How to save money without doing anything

How to save money without doing anything

In the US, smart banks and automated investment are now within your reach. You can choose from a wide variety of auto-investment apps that can run on Android and iOS. These investment applications connect with your bank and cards, offer various approaches to automate your investments and help you achieve your savings goals. I prefer those who make investments for me automatically with still money and those who round accounts to invest.

Some of these applications use complex algorithms to analyze your investment profile and implement your savings plan. Some applications complement your savings, while others allow you to fully control your finances. Below are some of these automatic investment applications for 2018 that can help you create wealth, you can also see the full list here and learn the best ways for trading:


Digit is one of the best auto-saving apps, whether you’re a busy professional or a beginner who does not want to deal with cash constantly. The application synchronizes with your bank accounts. It also analyzes the flow of your money. Every 2 to 3 days, the application will determine a value of $ 5 to $ 50 that is safe to transfer to a Digit deposit account that is insured by the FDIC.

Due to its security algorithms for withdrawal, Digit offers the payment of overdraft fees in case an automatic transfer is no longer withdrawn. From your Digit account, you can request money at any time and you will usually receive it within the next business day. Learn what is intraday trading and how to use it.

Available on Android and iOS, saving with the Digit is painless and effortless. You also get a 1% saving bonus. While Digit is free for 100 days, the subsequent fee of $ 2.99 a month makes it a challenge to challenge wealth growth.


Stash is best for novice investors or anyone who wants to invest in trading markets, but does not want to commit large investments. For a minimal fee, you can select a portfolio that meets your risk tolerance as well as a right investment tactic for you.

Its investments are protected by the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection) against institutional failure, and its money and holdings are hidden in APEX Clearing Corp.
When investing, you can start with any monetary amount. You can buy partial shares to be able to invest in the market for minimum capital.

The application also uses the average cost of the dollar to help market timing and reduce risk. You can invest in Stash for free for the first month. After that, you pay $ 1 per month if your investment is less than $ 5,000 or a rate of 0.25% if the investment exceeds $ 5,000.


Rize is relatively new to the world of savings and automatic investments and is best for people who are new to saving and budgeting. Each time you receive your paycheck, Rize automatically moves money from your personal account into your Rize account.

Rize encourages you to pay first, and this offers considerable interest. Progress updates can be sent via email or text to help you track your progress. However, Rize does not yet have an Android app, just an iOS platform. Rize asks for a monthly contribution to any amount you set.


This investment app gives you the option of investing effortlessly. Acorns links expense accounts, its debit cards / checking accounts, credit cards and PayPal, among others, and rounds all transactions to the nearest dollar.

As you have reached at least $ 5 in withdrawals, your money is transferred to an investment account, which Acorns helps you to choose. Portfolio options include index funds from companies such as Pimco, Vanguard and iShares.

Acorns is available on Android and iOS. Rates are $ 1 per month to $ 5,000 and below investments. For investments above $ 5,000, Acorns takes 0.25% per month.


If you are curious about crypto-coins and want to invest with minimal risk, you may be interested in Satochi. The application invests your extra money in encrypted currencies like Ether, Ripple and Bitcoin. You do not have to invest much in this, because Satochi makes the investment easier.

Satochi rounds off each purchase to the nearest dollar, and invests in a diversified portfolio of crypto-coins. However, keep in mind that crypto-currency can be a risky investment. To learn more about the application, visit www.Satochi.io.

With these applications, you do not have to go to the bank regularly to invest. You do not even have to pay for the use of many of these automatic investment apps. It will be easier to achieve your savings goals. The result over a year is surprising.

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