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For a less futile Instagram

The Pendulum Theory- We explore different paths, but the balance is always in the center

For a less futile Instagram

18-04-2018 by Fernando Azevedo

The Pendulum Theory: We explore different paths, but the balance is always in the center

translated automatically from Portuguese

The Pendulum Theory- We explore different paths, but the balance is always in the center

The Pendulum Theory- We explore different paths, but the balance is always in the center

Since Facebook was called to testify about the privacy issues of its users, I have not stopped seeing articles on the subject. And since I have a column on the radio every Friday about technology, I need to search for cool news. But I did not want to talk about Zuckerberg or Facebook. Because I simply find these news uninteresting. So I wondered: if I find this news boring, why are all tech sites talking about it?

The quickest response was: people had no idea that what they did on social networks could be used to influence their buying behaviors and votes. Maybe people did not even know they could control the privacy of their posts and might not even know that other companies’ Facebook applications could invade their privacy in order to influence their behavior. Okay, Facebook and Cambrigde Analitica are using artificial intelligence to keep people more addicted, ok, ok …

However, I still found the subject uninteresting, perhaps because it was not new to me. Until the chip fell! The pendulum! The pendulum now begins to return to the center.

The pendulum theory says that our life, just as our culture and economy behaves like a pendulum. Going in all directions but always coming back and passing through the center. That is, we continuously explore different paths, but the balance is right in the center.

In economics we can say that when the economy is in recession, we are at one end of the pendulum and that things should start to improve. The same goes for the economy that is very positive, people generally spend more and risk more financially. But smarter investors remember to work in anticipation of the pendulum’s movement.

In your life too. I have already gone through phases of parties and phases of study and work, but I always go back to a balance. (Maybe in my case it will be an exception and I will stay at work longer.)

And in culture the same movement. I like to remember the times of Louis XIV, the sun king, in which the court wore makeup, wigs, perfumes and super detailed clothing.

The pendulum goes back and forth. But it always returns to its equilibrium point.

What does the pendulum have to do with our article? Perhaps, the privacy crisis of Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, is the beginning of the end of the daze of selfies. Maybe this is the point where people stop and think: Do I really need to take a duck face selfie? Does this moment really need a photo? I need to show the world what I had lunch, the place I had lunch and with whom? Or the boomerang (video that goes back and forth) becomes something of the past.

If you’re right, we’re heading to a less futile Instagram! Alive! What a victory for mankind! Who knows, we can even eliminate the profession “model of Instagram” or “celebrity of Instagram” and start thinking about more serious things and give value to great innovations and art that really is art.

Do not get me wrong. I love performing arts, museums, paintings, ballet, opera, orchestra and comedy. So I’ll take a post with a video of a dance, a halloween makeup, a suit and tie look, and cool art. Even a beautiful artistic photo! But is it just me? – I already found the great majority of Instagram silly.

And in Facebook’s privacy crisis, I managed to find an interest! Perhaps the pendulum is so stretched that people will begin to filter more what they do on the net. And Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp become less futile.

Fingers crossed and faith in humanity!