Why you should read this fake news book?

The Backstage

Today, we spend a lot of time on social media. Some rely solely on social media as their means of information. And we generate tons of other information when we read, like, share, comment, and even the time we spend on it.

That massive information generated can be used to manipulate our actions and when it comes to influencing our buying habits, that’s my minor concern.

News can manipulate our point of view to influence an upcoming election and can we even influence our values and morals.

There are companies specialized in that field. They promote ads, they create viral content, and they use artificial intelligence to best target and influence us.

We will see the origins of Fake News till it become the profitable, unregulated anonymous and dirty business that it is today.

Although people are more aware today about the danger of fake news, companies are also getting better at creating sites that look reputable and also forging sources.

As usual, the purpose of this book is not only to make you aware of hackers can do, but also to advocate for laws that can forbid and punish any manipulative and illegal actions on the internet.

Everyone has freedom of speech on the internet, but it needs to be based on kindness and inclusion. This right cannot be mistaken to hate speech.

This book will demonstrate techniques to spot and report fake news.

It is our duty to use it to all fake news, not only to the fake news that harm our interests.

You should also spot, report and don’t spread fake news that harm other people with different opinions than yours, and even fake news about what you consider competition of your interest.

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