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Fake Everything

New Fake News tactic linked with Cyberbullying

Fake Everything

27-04-2018 by Fernando Azevedo

It’s not just with Fake News that we need to worry

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New Fake News tactic linked with Cyberbullying

New Fake News tactic linked with Cyberbullying

There are 7 main factors that model behavior in the social network: culture that is the content of the post, photos and videos. We have the place of the tag, the people and entities marked with the “@”. And the hashtags that are the topics, for example #jornaldestak. These posts take tanned and, when there is the option, “uncaged”. And more comments and shares.

And for our article, let’s consider 3 social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There are already software that allow us to monitor these 7 factors above in the main social networks by automating the work of managing social networks and maximizing the result to the maximum.

Suppose I manage Destak. I can pass location, hashtags and Destak’s own account as a social network entity. I can also add the same parameters to accounts that I consider inspiring as great celebrities and other reputable institutions. And I can also add the same parameters to competitors.

And look what fear! Your social media management will become automated.

Increase of Followers

Any other user who posts something with their specific location, their hashtags or their account and the inspiration accounts, the software will automatically enjoy publishing and start tracking the account with the goal to influence the gain of more followers. The software still stops following the account in 24 hours if the account does not follow it back.

Repost of influencers

Wanting to “surf the wave of the moment”, the software replaces content from its influencers that are becoming viral. And it takes to mark the places, accounts and hashtags that interest.

Learning from competitors

By monitoring competitors, the software is able to detect which posts are most popular and positive and mark them so that the company can copy the strategy to their benefit.

Ghost accounts to influence

By posting a news story, ghost accounts can begin to create positive social cues with tastings, shares, and comments.

The same tool can be used for bad. It can negatively influence competitors’ posts by discounting and commenting negatively. And even reporting as inappropriate content for the social network.

Making sales

Every time the social account wins a follower, it can contact and start a conversation. But with a chatbot. Using artificial intelligence, she can get in touch, ask questions, gain insights and suggestions, and even influence the user to make a purchase.


Some social networks have reviews that can be made and manipulated by fake social accounts as well. By reading the old reviews, we can be influenced by past reviews.

Network of persuasion

In the middle of the book “The Fake News Dirty Business,” I had already written about the problem of persuasion networks. Persuasion networks have accounts and blogs that can positively influence an entity and also negatively influence the competition. These accounts are anonymous and can threaten opponents and write long files to control influence.

Fake Everything

As always, I try to warn everyone about the dangers of the Internet. These software get a greater presence on the internet and end up influencing us. Our online life needs to be safer, more policed ​​and we need to balance the internet. Everyone has the right to speak and be heard on the internet, always with kindness and inclusiveness.