According to a study by the NEXT Generation Health Study in the US (2009-2016) with 2,785 high school students, about 32% of sexual minority respondents reported being victims of cyberbullying, says Elaine Raquel Assis, a human rights journalist for vulnerabilities and an advocate for Secure Internet.

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responsability for likes and follow

responsability for likes and follow


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It is important to search the page that we like before following it. It should be noted that there are consequences for every action we take and therefore we must be cautious. Today (Huge issues?) Social media posts spread rapidly. Mostly false accounts that often abuse people’s integrity.

False account administrators will do everything to get your attention and get sympathy, simply to manipulate a situation.


There are tons of accounts that are made just to defame, slander, misrepresent and threaten people who unfortunately go through cyberbullying. Emotionally weak users are the main target of these types of abuse.
Cyber-sexism / sexual harassment is also a big problem nowadays. If you wear short, sleeveless shorts on the photo, you’ll surely have hundreds of tanned ones in just an hour. Some people may unknowingly make a joke with you about how sexy you are and / or share your photo with unintentional sexual harassment in the comments section. But, intentional or non-intentional sexual harassment is still considered harassment.
You felt uncomfortable with the people who are fantasizing about your photo but you can not control them, you can not do anything but move on. Posting this type of photo is not the problem, but do not want to determine the reactions of your followers.

So before posting and clicking, ask yourself how your actions might reflect on social networks


Many have already embarked on the automation wave of Instagram to enjoy and follow people from the same niche, so that a portion of these people come back to follow their account. It is very normal to get a 4% success rate when liking and following other people who interact with similar accounts with yours, even the competitor.

On July 13, the presidential candidate Bolsonaro’s account enjoyed a photo of his political rival Lula (can this?). Despite rumors that it was a manual error, this error may have been easily caused by Instagram robots.

That’s the danger! Your robot has no idea what he’s enjoying and who’s following.

Your robot may enjoy illegal photos, child pornography, drug sales, defamation, slander, blackmail and other crimes. A tanned in the wrong photo and following a criminal troll, can ruin your reputation and the reputation of your company!


Having social media in this century is really fascinating. You can easily interact with people and freely express your thoughts and opinions on certain subjects. We have the right to express ourselves and that is good because people can hear what we have inside. We have the right to give our opinion and to argue if we like the current issues of society.)
Evaluate your thoughts. Be responsible in your action. It may seem exaggerated, but it is important. Being a responsible person in every action you do can change a situation. Discipline yourself to be a better person. It is not easy to change our behavior with just a blink of an eye or a click, it takes courage to do so.
Respect everyone. If you want to be respected, respect others. Respect everyone, even if they do not respect you, and the rest will be followed.

It is important to emphasize that there is crime on the screens, often the negligence of parents allows the approximation of trolls to the real world within the family. Therefore, DENOUNCE whenever you suspect inappropriate behavior and encourage the most vulnerable to report it as well.

Who gains from this? All society.

Journalist and Executive of Marleting, Elaine Raquel Assis has more than 20 years of experience in leading companies in Brazil. MBA in Business Management from FGVe graduated in Social Communication from FIAM. In addition to advocating a secure Internet is a human rights expert for vulnerable abuse.
If you are a victim of cyber abuse and want to take action, get advice from a criminal lawyer on what steps to take first.
Fernando is a Silicon Minds partner and author of the books “The Online Reputation Secrets”, “The Fake News Dirty Business”, “How to defend yourself from cyberbullies and trolls” and “Exposed Hackers” available on Amazon.

How to defend against cyberbullies and trolls book

How to defend against cyberbullies and trolls book