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Augusto de Arruda Botelho

Augusto de Arruda Botelho

CAVALCANTI & ARRUDA BOTELHO ADVOGADOS dedicates itself exclusively to criminal law in all its specialties.
Founded by Dora Cavalcanti Cordani, partner of Márcio Thomaz Bastos for six years, and its longtime partners Augusto de Arruda Botelho and Rafael Tucherman, the firm has a team with extensive experience in its area of expertise.

Passionate about criminal law and deeply committed to the individual guarantees that underpin a good defense, lawyers at the office fight with equal dedication in so-called classic crimes and major federal lawsuits.

The compact office structure assures customers of at least one of the partners in all the causes they sponsor. This almost artisanal care with each case is the trademark of our society.

Always prioritizing the quality of legal services provided and not the number of cases, CAVALCANTI & ARRUDA BOTELHO ADVOGADOS has outstanding performance in all courts, in several states of the federation.

Graduated in 2002 by the Faculty of Law of the Paulista University. Specialist in Economic Criminal Law from the University of Coimbra and specialist in Criminal Law from the University of Salamanca. Former President and Adviser of IDDD (Institute of Defense of the Right of Defense). Counselor at Human Rights Watch.

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