Are you ready for the future See if you can pass this test

Are you ready for the future See if you can pass this test

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in people’s lifestyles. The most significant change can be observed in the technology sector. With this technology that makes life easier, middle-aged people can experience cultural shock. Were gone the days when you had to physically stand in line at the bank or store. Even relationships can be established virtually.
The US Census categorizes the age group 45-65 as the average age. Renowned psychologist Erik Erikson defined the ages of 40-65 as an adult means of life. Whether you are in this age group or close to it, you will feel the dramatic changes in your life. You may sigh or be shocked to see the millennials glued to the phones by taking away selfies whenever you want – in the bathroom, at a fast food restaurant, right in the middle of the street.

And it is not only middle-aged adults who suffer, young people have realized that they need to recycle at least every 3 years to stay connected with people and the job market.

The point is, are you ready to take on these changes and adapt? Let’s look at the significant changes that have occurred in the last decade and how they have affected billions of lives. Read the points and see if you are late for some.


In the past, you needed to make an effort to go to the mall, find a parking space, and walk until you find the perfect pair of shoes, pants or shirt. Now with the abundance of online shopping sites, all you have to do is browse multiple websites and, with a few clicks, you can order your items and receive them at home. In fact, you can forget all the online sites and go straight to Amazon too.
Even your groceries can be online!
The real world stores are turning show room for you to experience the brand, the products (if you do not know it yet) and the store philosophy. After that, the relationship is online.

Bank and finance

Do you still play money notes and coins? Is your wallet chubby with notes and coins? Enough! Perhaps one of the best innovations is online banking and other online transactions. You do not have to miss the credit card expiration date, the insurance premium, the car loan payment and the payment of other bills. You can even apply for loans or credit cards online. Gone are the days when you would have to line up to pay the bills or make a transaction in the banks. You can even schedule your payments online so you do not have to worry about them for months. Many people these days have been going for another option in their financing for their future. Gainesville Coins is a company that has been helping people successfully boost their finance. if you want refinance, you should try for this link.
With Apple Pay, people already pay with their cell phone and their watch. We will soon be able to leave the credit card at home.
Beware of scams at low-reputed online stores or illegal clones from famous e-commerce sites.


Remember when you sat on the porch or on the couch with a nice cup of coffee or a bottle of cold beer, your eyes glued to your favorite sports magazine? Do you remember signing in countless sports, fitness, and news magazines and then storing them in various boxes in the attic? These days are over too. All you have to do now is browse the Web or install an application and get the latest news and articles. You can even follow your favorite fonts and interact with them through comments.
But you need to be careful about fake news. There are many fake news sites that provoke negative comments and circulate harmful or misleading news. Be sure to check if your sources are legitimate and avoid rummaging or hitting other people.
Ah, before I forget, Facebook is dead. Everyone is on Instagram and Snapchat.


Remember that phone booth on the corner of the street that consumes your coins? Or that landline phone number? The connections in the house that made you stop everything to attend? At present, there are many forms of communication, of which the main ones are mobile phones.

Your phone is no longer to send and receive calls, it is to control your entire life. Being able to use the internet wherever you are, make video calls, send a message and communicate with your loved ones, no matter how far they are, listen to music, shop, navigate with GPS, take care of finances, work, monitor networks socializing, scanning documents, studying, watching movies, paying for parking, controlling your car from distance, asking for a Uber, taking care of your health and physical activity, preparing your next trip, and most importantly: selfie with ‘duck face’.

Communication is not limited to mobile phones. You can send and receive calls and make video calls from a desktop, laptop and tablet computer.

Teleconferences are also possible through any device. Video calling, attending meetings, and talking to your friends and family has gotten better and more convenient.

You already see people in cafes or restaurants glued to their phones instead of talking to their escorts. Others hide behind social networking sites and dating applications instead of building relationships in person.


Take advantage to drive while you can, the autonomous shared cars, a kind of Uber without drivers, are coming. And you can travel the whole country while you sleep. Also, when picking up a new car insurance then always make sure to compare the quotes at which will help you to pick the insurance at affordable price.

Cars (2)

Are you proud of the noise of your car’s engine? You are in the past. Electric cars are quiet, have instant torque and are faster. Long live Tesla!

App Accounts

Everything is done today by applications. If you do not know how to install an application, create an account, check your email, reset a password and update your phone and apps, you have nothing to do, you have to stop everything and learn how to do these tasks.


I will not start talking about the number of people who work remotely and travel more than 10 times a year. I’ll just say that hot jobs today are on the internet with web development, data management, e-commerce and artificial intelligence.
On the factory side, they are increasingly automated, and all the administrative and financial facilities are through online service sites that cost $ 10 to $ 50 a month.

Online Teaching

Enrolling in an expensive course, getting to the course every day, miss class at such a time – forget all that. Teaching is now cheap and online. You watch the time you want, wherever you want, how often you want, and pay $ 5 to $ 35 per month.


Go to the bar and disco flirting? Forget it. I do not know this subject well because I’m married, but I heard, I was told, I saw on YouTube that Tinder is the market leader. It facilitates your life allowing you to explore the entire city and interact with those who also liked you. You already have access to the person’s profession, education, hobbies and photos before you interact. Much faster, much smarter (maybe too promiscuous).


How many questions do you ask each day to the people around you who could have the answers found on Google and still have the best explanation? Do you still ask the direction of a place for someone? Nowadays, nobody asks anything, everyone is experts at finding information on the internet using Google, Instagram, Yelp – not Facebook, Facebook was already.

Phone calls

Do you still call someone without telling them you’re calling? You’re not just late-calling someone without warning is considered a maniac’s thing today. You need to text, or at worst, email. And just dial a call, if it really is, extremely necessary.

Phone Calls (2)

Call to order food from the restaurant? Total maniac! Today it’s all done by apps. Nobody talks to anyone else.

Wait for the program to start on TV

Crazy! And still stay watching commercial? Everything is online now with Netflix, Sling, iTunes, etc …


Do you still use paper? Printer? Is the ink over? Is the paper over? Forget it. Today everything is digital touch screen.


Do you still dare to turn on an FM or AM radio? Or take a CD to the car? Music apps like Spotify, Pandora, Tunein and Apple Music are today’s radios.

Augmented Reality

Another ball of the time that is beginning to emerge is augmented reality. It’s when you wear a glasses to see the real world and more digital elements like signs and warnings floating in the air while you see the real world.

Did I forget some innovation? Comment below.

How do you adapt to these changes?

You have to admit that these innovations made regular tasks more convenient. You do not even have to face the traffic and spend time traveling because you can work from home. However, with these innovations, one thing is being sacrificed: human interaction.
You may be at the point where you long for those movie nights in rooms with popcorn and soda. You also miss those days playing basketball with friends. Do not let your age stop you from participating in these activities. Do not let yourself be enslaved by technology and innovation. Remember, nothing beats real human interaction face-to-face.

Before you, my dear reader, criticize me, I must confess a few secrets: my car is still gasoline, I have a little paper notebook that I write down my tasks, and sometimes I call the restaurant because I forget the name of the dish I I like and I’m lazy to search on Google. But I rarely shot selfie, much less doing ‘duck face’. There, i said it.

This article was written was in August 2018. Soon, maybe in less than 3 years, someone with cell phone, inside their brain, will read the article and laugh at how late I was.

Fernando Azevedo is a partner of digital marketing and online reputation company Silicon Minds, author of the book “Online Reputation Secrets” and “The Dirty Business of Fake News”. He does, along with Cecilia Weissberg, the TechNews program here at GazetaNews every Friday around 17:00 EDT.